This winter I recorded Star Money, my second full-length album, at Wildwood Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. This experience was very different from my first home-recorded album, All the Sycamores. Star Money is a 15-song album that features Robert Schneider on percussion, Rachel Wohlever-Lewis on harmony vocals, Paul Lewis on bass guitar, Tanya Whitlock on violin and Meredith Pangrace on accordion. The songs are richer and more complex with a lot more depth and soul. And now the album is available for purchase right here! Just hop on over to the store! This project was made possible by all of the amazing family, friends and fans that supported me through Kickstarter. To all of them, I am forever grateful!

Upcoming Performances


Loganberry Books

Loganberry Books, 13015 Larchmere, Shaker Heights, Ohio


Sound Yoga Workshop

Taproot Yoga, 131 Wilson Mills Rd, Chardon, Oh

Are you curious about how sound works in your body? Are you intrigued by chanting OM? This workshop will explore the science behind mantra chanting as we practice different forms of Nada Yoga(Sound Yoga) together. Our own voices are one of the most under-utilized abilities that we have to create healing and balance in our lives. Bring your voice and we will take care of the rest!


Rebecca Wohlever

Warren’s Spirited Kitchen, Burton, Oh

Playing all originals while you enjoy a meal! Sweet atmosphere and really yummy food:)

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