All the Sycamores

Rebecca Wohlever

Thoughtful, rich lyrics portray experiences, feelings and stories that combine with acoustic melodies and soft but earthy vocals to create a unique sound that is enchantingly gripping.

Her songs will move you, her songs will touch your soul. Her songs speak to Life and to Living. -Debbi Mayo, Owner of the Mandala Center for the Healing Arts

Nature. Local history. Love. Loss. Growing up. Self acceptance. These are some of the influences and themes that have made their way into "All the Sycamores". Over the course of the last several years, personal experiences and the nature of life have helped to craft the songs that I now share with you. It is my hope that somewhere in the life of this album there is a song or phrase or story that touches your life. "All the Sycamores" includes 10 tracks and some pretty cool photography as well as all the lyrics to the songs.

My greatest musical influences are Joni Mitchell, Linda Perry, Tori Amos, and Gillian Welch to name a few. I have always been one to focus on lyrics more than any other part of a song. A poet first and a musician second, my deep appreciation for the power of words is evident on this album.

These songs are inspired by my own life as well as emotional, social and environmental issues that we face together. I believe that many of the subjects in these songs are about feelings and experiences we all live through and sometimes struggle with in our quests for happiness and meaning in our lives. What I hope for most is that something in this work will touch someone else in a positive way.

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