Rebecca Wohlever

Since as far back as I can remember, song writing has been a part of my life.  As a young girl you could find me wandering around the back yard or lazily riding my bike in circles, just making up songs or humming melodies.  My first attempt at guitar was not until the end of high school, trying to teach myself by listening to music and figuring out some chords on a three quarter size Kmart guitar that my parents got me for Christmas.  During college I wrote many poems and songs, but I was relatively private when it came to sharing them.  Becoming a mother shifted my focus from music to family for many years, but the songs kept coming.  Eventually I got up the nerve to play coffee houses and other small local venues.  Born out of personal experience and growing up surrounded by nature, these songs have been begging to be recorded and shared.  I finally stopped creating excuses and, while pregnant with my third child, recorded "All the Sycamores". These songs are inspired by my own life as well as emotional, social and environmental issues that we face together.  I believe that many of the subjects in these songs are about feelings and experiences we all live through and sometimes struggle with in our quests for happiness and meaning in our lives.   What I hope for most is that something in this work will touch someone else in a positive way. 

Then in the winter of 2016 I recorded my second full-length album, Star Money, at Wildwood Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. It is a richer, deeper and more complex album with 15 songs and a family band to boot. Star Money was funded through Kickstarter and will be available June 2016.

When I'm not making music you will probably find me chasing children, cooking, reading, gardening, sewing, crafting, walking, obsessively browsing Etsy, or trying to practice yoga for more than 15 minutes at a time.

Upcoming Performances


Sound Yoga Workshop

Taproot Yoga, 131 Wilson Mills Rd, Chardon, Oh

Are you curious about how sound works in your body? Are you intrigued by chanting OM? This workshop will explore the science behind mantra chanting as we practice different forms of Nada Yoga(Sound Yoga) together. Our own voices are one of the most under-utilized abilities that we have to create healing and balance in our lives. Bring your voice and we will take care of the rest!


Rebecca Wohlever

Warren’s Spirited Kitchen, Burton, Oh

Playing all originals while you enjoy a meal! Sweet atmosphere and really yummy food:)


Rebecca Wohlever

Warren’s spirited Kitchen, Burton, Ohio

Playing all originals while you enjoy a meal! Sweet atmosphere and really yummy food:) Hopefully on the patio!!!

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