Star Money full-length CD

Star Money is an exploration into the idea of giving away all that we are attached to in order to receive all that life has to offer. The fifteen tracks on this album each dig into letting go of something: fear, expectations, the past, the blues, old lovers, things that no longer serve us or things that hold us back from personal growth. Hypnotic rhythms, stunning lyrical honesty, and beautifully blended harmonies absorb the listener into a soundscape of stories and layered meanings that move us to explore the complexities of the human heart.

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All the Sycamores Full Length Album (CD)

Album Art - All the Sycamores by Rebecca Wohlever

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Nature.  Local history.  Love.  Loss.  Growing up.  Self acceptance.  These are some of the influences and themes that have made their way into "All the Sycamores".  Over the course of the last several years, personal experiences and the nature of life have helped to craft the songs that I now share with you.  It is my hope that somewhere in the life of this album there is a song or phrase or story that touches your life.  "All the Sycamores" includes 10 tracks and some pretty cool photography as well as all the lyrics to the songs.

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